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Not one step back, comrades

Ezra Klein, founder and editor at large of Vox, described the powder keg of left wing emotions on the eve of the midterm elections.  Their dismay in the turn of events since 2016 is so great that he predicted a Democrat loss might mean a loss of faith in the political system itself.  News articles seem rife with  the conviction that politics was now rigged and America had become anti-democratic.

I don't think people are ready for the crisis that will follow if Democrats win the House popular vote but not the majority. After Kavanaugh, Trump, Garland, Citizens United, Bush v. Gore, etc, the party is on the edge of losing faith in the system (and reasonably so).

I don't think we're far from having two anti-system parties running to get power to rewrite the rules of political competition in their favor. I wrote about this a few weeks ago, but I'm convinced we're nearer to it than I thought: the rigging of American politics.

And that's to say nothing of these kinds of moves, any one of which could become the spark that lights the fire in the event of an anti-democratic outcome.

While Sean Davis of the Federalist thinks Klein's fears are overblown and that "the system is only on the verge of collapse when he doesn't get his way", rage doesn't have to be rational, only real.  Just how real was demonstrated by news the French president felt the weight of victimhood upon Europe so heavily he seemed ready to chart a separate destiny.

Emmanuel Macron has called for the creation of a “true European army” to allow the EU defend itself from threats ranging from Donald Trump to Vladimir Putin. The French president has pushed for closer EU defense union since coming to power last year but has been so far met with limited success amid foot-dragging by other member states. “We have to protect ourselves with respect to China, Russia and even the United States of America,” Mr Macron told France’s Europe 1 radio in an interview.

“When I see President Trump announcing that he’s quitting a major disarmament treaty which was formed after the 1980s euro-missile crisis that hit Europe, who is the main victim? Europe and its security.”

Nor were all the warnings based on anecdotal evidence.  An Axios/Survey Monkey poll found "just 51% of Americans said they have faith in the country's democracy, and 37% say they have lost faith in democracy ... it suggests that recent political turmoil has caused people to doubt the very foundation of American society, particularly leading up to election day."

Perhaps it was the Independent that warned most loudly of an impending apocalypse. "America, beware of what Donald Trump will do if you empower him in the midterms – he'll stretch the Constitution to breaking point" and all because of a "freak result" in 2016.