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What does the recent Davos event say about the balance of power between the global elite and the populist insurgency? A Time article thinks it was a victory lap for the globalists.  "America no longer matters," it proclaimed.

“The phenomenon of Trump is no longer interesting to people,” said Timothy Snyder, a Yale historian whose book about tyranny Trump helped send shooting up the best-seller list. Over his shoulder, I spotted former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry entering the reception we were attending. “A year ago, everyone thought Trump was just fascinating,” Snyder added. “I spend a lot of my life in Europe, and what I see is that the Europeans have moved on. America no longer matters.” ...

“We know what he’s probably going to say,” [Steven] Pinker mused with the air of a man who could hardly care less. “‘Davos Man, screw you.'”

But that dismissal was belied by several indicators. "Theresa May was left red-faced after she gave her speech to a half-empty room in Davos as the crowds rushed out to see Donald Trump." The Daily Beast concurs. "Forget the Boos—Trump Didn’t Bomb at Davos. European leaders Merkel and Macron made a show of filling the leadership vacuum, but Trump spoke to Davos billionaires in the only language that matters to them—tax cuts." Emmanuel Macron, belying the Time claim that America has ceased to matter is ironically marketing himself as the man best able to wrangle the Trumpian bull through the globalist china shop.

It “may not be immediately apparent to the American President,” Andelman wrote, but “Macron is bidding for France to become the central pillar of a resurgent Europe. And if becoming Europe's Trump whisperer has to be a part of it, he seems willing to grit his teeth, smile winningly, and pitch right in.” ...

The United States is France’s partner in some key areas, like the fight against terrorism and policy on Syria, Macron pointed out. "If we get angry with [the U.S.], we cannot act anymore. France has never built a real strategy to change the world without the United States," Macron said.

The French leader has no choice but accede to the power realities. Merkel's fall has pulled the rug out from under Macron. Even the New York Times is reconciling itself to the possibility that Merkel may soon be gone. "As Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany and her party prepare to negotiate another coalition government, her silence adds to a sense that she is steadily losing power."

Besides as it turns out Trump really isn't so bad.  Time grudgingly admits that "a year has passed, and the world has not fallen apart. Trump hasn’t started a trade war or a nuclear war; the world economy is booming, and America’s corporations just got an enormous tax cut."