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More Powerful Than a Bomb

Yet this same scene is one which Nicolas Maduro -- like Corbyn and Sirota 3 years earlier -- still has the effrontery to view with satisfaction: “I doubt that anywhere in the world, except in Cuba, there exists a better health system than this one”.  In this phrase all is clear.  There is a greater miracle at work here than the simple Five Year Planning style "accomplishments" that David Sirota reeled off.   The true marvel of Communism, the root of both its power and destructiveness, is the ability to conflate the narrative for the fact, the truth for fiction and policy with PR as exemplified even in America by Ben Rhodes.  It not only aims to control reality.  It is beyond reality.

That quality of fantasy makes Venezuela a place where Maduro aims to solve the shortages by decreeing that the owners of closed factories will be imprisoned until production increases. Where "anyone who wants to halt (production) to sabotage the country should get out, and those who do must be handcuffed and sent to the PGV (Venezuelan General Penitentiary)." Never mind there is no money to import raw materials; none  to pay the workers, except in debased Bolivars; forget there is no power to run the factory machinery, nor any unlooted stores to sell the products.  It has been decreed by by pen and by phone that there will be plenty.  And the government will be obeyed and the Stash released  -- just as Marx promised his disciples.

Of course it will fail and add to the havoc done which could never have been inflicted by the mere round-the-clock bombing of 1,000 B-29s dropping high explosives.  No rain of bombs could have obliterated every store, business, factory, school, hospital and larder with the fine-grained thoroughness achieved by the ideas of the Communist Manifesto.  Only an idea capable of seeping into every nook and cranny can do that. The destructive potential of a squadron of B-2 bombers is trivial compared to the potential inherent in a Sealed Train carrying an agitator or a thousand radical madrassahs preaching murder far into the night.

Explosives can achieve gross destruction.  But it misses things between the craters;  by contrast a mental bomb can destroy civilization itself; its values, institutions, goals and even its grip upon reality.  In the contest between Panzer division and Manifesto, the manifesto appears far the more powerful. The computer revolution has given us the tools to understand why Communism has so much devastating power.  We can now recognize it as history's greatest and most dangerous piece of intellectual malware, whose only true rival is radical Islam.  It tricks the social network into thinking you can get something for nothing; it promises freedom in exchange for enslavement.  It presents a deceptive interface but its inner methods are all destructors. It subverts the operating system and like the computer viruses we are familiar with uses the host's own processing power to spawn more copies of itself.  The more powerful and resource-endowed a host is, the more powerfully the malware can attack it.  In the end it trashes everything and only a complete reinstall and rebuild can fix it.

Ideological malware may be the silent killer of civilizations, all the deadlier because it may leave no trace in the form of invading armies, or great physical cataclysms. The sole clues left by the catastrophe will be cities abandoned for no apparent reason, fields left fallow without explanation, multitudes of workshops with tools discarded where they lay, interspersed with references to strange cults (like the Mystery of the Bathroom with a half-man, half-woman emblem) of bizarre importance that archaeologists will strive in vain to comprehend.  The key to understanding the disaster will be in the cults, but none among the survivors will be able to turn it in the mental lock.