Mainstream Media Covers Obama's Middle East Meltdown

Well, nobody said the course toward a world without nuclear weapons runs smooth. Never mind. At least John Kerry's on track to broker a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. That's reassuring in the wake of news that "Hezbollah has been transferring its long range missiles out of Syria and into Lebanon, including missiles which could reach the heart of Israel, the New York Times reported on Friday." Foreign Policy is reporting that Hezbollah has also acquired sophisticated anti-ship missiles that it has smuggled into Lebanon.

It sounds like a civil war is brewing there, and a new Israel-Lebanon war is in the offing.

But put those gloomy thoughts aside. How could such tragedy impend when President Obama vowed to serve the cause of peace and reached out to Muslims in his Cairo speech? Even there, alas, in the very place where the chief executive enunciated his high purpose, a war has been declared between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian government.

When President Obama was first elected hopes ran high in Africa, that, with a black man in the White House, a new era of hope was dawning over the continent. A new era is dawning all right. But hope is not the word for it. A million refugees are fleeing the fighting in Central Africa, according to the United Nations:

The Central African Republic, already chronically unstable, plunged into chaos after mainly Muslim Seleka rebels staged the coup last year.

And then, of course, there's the war in the Congo, the worst conflict since World War 2. It has been going on so long that everyone's forgotten about it. According to Peter Dorrie, new wars will reshape the face of the continent this year:

Piracy is a growing problem along the continent’s western coast. There’s the aftermath of revolutions in North Africa. Civil wars have erupted in the Central African Republic and the world’s newest nation of South Sudan. And an insurgency is raging in Nigeria that could get a lot worse. From the Sahara to Somalia and down to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, these are the civil wars, conflicts and threats that will shape this part of Africa’s narrative in 2014.

The eastern world, it is exploding. Violence flaring and bullets loading. It’s hard to pinpoint just when, exactly, Barack Obama’s policy fell apart, but collapse it has, and many, many deaths later, the White House is now pinning its hopes on the belief that low-information voters won't notice.  Of course they won't, until they do.

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