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Beyond Reproach

It would be a mistake to think that corruption is confined to any one level of society or style of depravity. If perversion is an attraction peculiar to some quarters, money is apparently attractive to all. Recently the city manager of Bell, California was sentenced to nearly 12 years in jail for basically looting the treasury together with other officials.

On Thursday, Spaccia's attorney tried to bring Robert Rizzo, Bell's former city manager, to court to show that Rizzo made the rules and Spaccia followed them. ...

An audit of the State Controller's Office found Bell had illegally raised property taxes and business licensing fees to keep the money flowing. At one point, homeowners in Bell where the annual median household income is about $36,000 a year, were paying higher property taxes than those in Beverly Hills.

By the time they were fired in 2010, Rizzo and Spaccia, were collecting salaries higher than that of the president of the United States.

And who can forget King City, California? It's not every day that 1/3 of the entire police force is arrested in a fell swoop for being crooks. But maybe it ought to happen more often. The King City cops basically stole cars from civilians and sold them for profit.

Perhaps one of Europe's most intriguing villains is Belgian child molester and killer Marc Dutroux. This monsters abused and starved little girls. Yet he claimed that he was just small fry.  "Throughout the trial, Dutroux continued to insist that he was part of a Europe-wide pedophile ring with accomplices among police officers, businessmen, doctors, and even high-level Belgian politicians." His claims, are of course too outrageous to ever possibly be true, right? Right?

Recently even the BBC was forced to ask: are top British politicians "monsters"?  Were big time left wing icons like Harriet Harman and her husband -- as well as the whole progressive human rights establishment -- bound to protect pedophiles as part of a political deal?

Harman's answer in the video was 'My job was to protect human rights. How could I have known that the Pedophile Information Exchange represented pedophiles'?

It is in some ways a whole lot easier to fight extremist gangs in dusty, far away African places. These mean, low-down, murderous critters whose life on earth is arguably a waste of oxygen are also in their way powerless villains, whose main sin is having no lobbyist in Washington to represent them. If they had it would already be politically incorrect to despise them. But one wonders whether low-rent thugs people like Kony are the truly dangerous men of this world when compared to those who hover, above reproach, in our most glittering circles, in the center of our most respected human rights organizations?