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First the Mall, Now the Church

It takes an idiot not to notice, but that's what the administration seems to think everyone is: a low information voter mesmerized by the Talking Points and celebrity scandals, the old twerk and jerk routine.

The trademark of the Obama administration has been self deception. So much of its public pronouncement consists of lies that its spokesmen habitually speak falsehood even when the truth would cause no embarrassment whatsoever. They are now lying out of habit for no other reason than Pavlovian conditioning.

It would be nice however, if the administration could summon up the decency to say nothing further about such "workplace violence" attacks, whether they are inflicted on schools in Russia, malls in Kenya, cities in the Philippines or churches in Egypt or Pakistan. There is something utterly disgusting, almost blasphemous about their expressions of regrets, no sooner uttered than qualified, that desecrates the memory of the dead.

It has become standard practice for an administration spokesman to emerge, on these occasions, like a figurine from a windup music box, to talk about "Red Lines" or breaking "cycles of violence", "responsibilities to protect" or about trying to "build understanding" or issuing a boilerplate condemnation. They should stop. Nobody believes them any more, not even the Syrian rebels.

Those expressions are now too tawdry, shopworn and so patently insincere that to use them is to give offense. Please could they just shut the hell up and let the survivors bury the dead?

Move along, nothing to see here Move along, nothing to see here

The word "religion" in the context of these attacks is just a word of convenience for the real term which is "organized". Religion is the skin of this conflict, but the flesh and bones of it are the ladders of recruitment, the ideology, funding, and training which make up its functioning corpus. For example, while not everyone in a madrassa becomes a militant, it is nevertheless constitutes the conveyor belt from which the most promising apples are picked by the recruiters.

We know from the Mumbai attack that a considerable amount of preparation goes into the bombings and assaults that are daily reported. A suicide team is sequestered somewhere remote, brainwashed, trained and sneaked into position by complex arrangements. It just doesn't spring into existence and its members go for a walk, as Hillary suggested, and suddenly decide to kill some Americans, or Kenyans or Pakistani Christians one night. The attacks are planned, plotted, organized.

The Narrative avoids the word "Jihad" or Islamic terrorism in relation to these violent events, not because they are sensitive to the religious sensibilities of Muslims, though they are but because their primary goal is to make the public unaware the danger facing them is organized and purposeful, based on definite organizations, in hostile states and funded by billions.

The fundamental reason why Benghazi has to be distorted and spun is because to describe it accurately requires telling the story in terms of enemy action. And while action in itself is innocuous to admit, the word "enemy" is fatal to the Narrative. For then the question becomes, "who is he?" They would have us believe instead that everything from September 11 on down is just the outcome of some Rage Boy type resentment somehow provoked by Western insensitivity and/or videos. But that kind of narrative falls apart when the dead are black Africans, Syrians, Pakistanis or Filipinos who never did a thing except breathe. Yet despite this the narrative of the "rogue attack" is pushed for two reasons:

1. the system has not yet nerved itself to confront the hostile forces or even admit their existence;

2. it still believes it can do a "deal" with them even though there is no "them".

The existence of organized aggression will be painted over for as long as possible and ridicule of the "tinfoil hat brigade" will be encouraged. There's nothing to see out there in the dark, we will be told. Even if you can hear its approach and feel its heated breath.

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