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A Familiar Face

The Boston attack also recalls the case of the underwear bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who boarded a flight in explosive jockey shorts despite the fact that the Obama administration had been warned by many sources, including the man's father, that he was a dangerous fanatic.

But maybe wiser minds decided that there was really no danger in the Marathon case, the Fort Hood casem and in the underwear case since none of the suspects were "white Americans."

News that the Boston suspects were known to the FBI as a result of a warning by Russia can only add to the impression that they care more about The Narrative than doing their jobs. That the whole exercise was not about returning to a "state of grace" but preserving the state of the administration's face.

What can the victims of the Boston bombing sue the federal government for? How much did Boston lose from a whole day of being shut down?


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