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We don't recognize evil any more any more than we do revenge. And to recognize evil in the modern world requires perceiving it as a pattern. To understand that large scale bad things come from organizations animated by an ideology directed by chain of command and funded by backers. We have lost that sight. The fundamental difference between the Left and Conservatives in 21st century America is that the latter believe in masterminds and the former to tend to think that unfortunate stuff just happens as a consequence of some congenital state of sin.

But we'll take our medicine and wend our way back to grace and harmony. It's been a long time since anyone spoke the words of Ivan in the Brothers Karamazov. "While there is still time, I hasten to protect myself, and so I renounce the higher harmony altogether. It's not worth the tears of that one tortured child who beat itself on the breast with its little fist and prayed in its stinking outhouse, with its unexpiated tears to ‘dear, kind God’! It's not worth it, because those tears are unatoned for. They must be atoned for, or there can be no harmony."

Atonement cannot simply mean that these two particular individuals are imprisoned or sent to the lethal injection. It must mean if it means anything, that the organization which paid for their tickets and bombs is wiped out so that it may never harm again. No harmony is worth enduring its continued existence. That determination has nothing to do with color and everything to do with who our enemies are. Did I say "enemies"? We don't do those either. We only do pigmentation.

Somewhere along the line, in our haste to don the complexion of our choice we've forgotten to be men. What is the color of a man?

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