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Countdown Israel II

But can Jerusalem do nothing? Israel's economic life will be paralyzed unless it stops the rain of missiles. It cannot stop them without going into Gaza, or striking it heavily with fire. Nor can it delay. A country with so little manpower cannot keep its reserves mobilized indefinitely, so it must act decisively and soon.

For once a crisis is brewing which no amount of bribery -- offers of arms to Israel or food and money to Egypt -- can long forestall. The true bill for the lies at Benghazi and the entire "Arab Spring" enterprise may no longer be avoided. At long last some answers must be provided. How deep is the administration's partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood? Just what did the assault on U.S. consulates throughout the region truly portend? Is there substantial opposition to the policy of  dealing with the Muslim Brotherhood from within American intelligence agencies or the military?

And if so, why has it not been discussed till now? Why are the papers bannering Paula Broadwell or any number of the tabloid talking points the media trots out to protect Obama?  Those tactics have allowed the administration to avoid building a broad, bipartisan, and national consensus for whatever it is doing in the Middle East by laying down a wall of smoke. Operating behind a compliant screen of media apologists and vilifying any critics in its path, the administration has pursued an unaccountable course in the region, saying one thing to the public and doing God knows what in private.

But the time is drawing near when all the skeins must come into the open. A collision between Israel and Egypt would be a clarifying event. It would also be a tragic one.

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