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And the Band Played On

Each system is vulnerable at certain points. If the Republicans ran into the crossfire of big city vote-rigging -- The Unseen Wall -- the Obama administration is walking straight into the contempt of actors who can't be manipulated by Chris Matthews or the New York Times. This is the boundary of bluff. The former arises from the acceptance of a fiction. The latter comes from the rejection of it.

The Washington Post has just reported that "CIA Director David H. Petraeus has resigned, bringing a surprisingly abrupt end to his brief tenure at the agency as well as his decorated career in national security." Sirius asks in the comments below: "Can we question the timing?" One can certainly question the timing, but the proper way to treat it is as an opportunity. Would Petraeus care to start a post-retirement career as a blogger? I'd be glad to help out in a most modest way.

However, I think that he will need a larger expanse of cover than the New Media can provide. And the Petraeus resignation will probably not be the last earthquake to rock the administration. They will follow thick and fast as all the catastrophes which the MSM has covered for emerge into the sunlight like rotting corpses after a flood.

There may be now be an urgent need to constitute a national political council separate and distinct from the Republican Party to provide a temporary but high visibility nucleus under which those who cross the lines can shelter. But if there were a National Council to Save Democracy to provide a modicum of support, then the GOP might be tempted to strike an alliance. Without that kind of organizational nucleus, the defectors are vulnerable alone. Who should constitute this council? Well that's a problem and probably a good subject for an open thread.

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