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And the Band Played On

But in Qatar, there are no elections now, just a bunch of leaders of armed "freedom fighters" vying to rule post-Assad Syria. The administration is hoping to appoint men loyal to it. But the jihadis have learned a thing or two from Chicago. The operative question in the leadership conference -- "Who sent you? We don't want anybody who Obama sent":

“Some are calling this the Robert Ford plan or an American plan,” said Radwan Ziadeh, an SNC member who is the executive director of the Syrian Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Washington. Ford is the U.S. ambassador to Syria who has been meeting with some opposition figures on the sidelines of the conference.

Ziadeh added: “This is just promises from the Americans that no one is believing. They don’t need Seif to come with a plan. This is unrealistic.”


For Mr. Obama, this is the day to do something to stop the killing inside Syria,” he said. “Because if the situation continues in this way, there will be extremism, fundamentalism and no stability in the area.”

What? No belief in the administration? Maybe they should send the New Black Panthers to "monitor" proceedings in Syria. It is doubtful they will last very long in a region where "nonviolence" doesn't work too good. Perhaps Putin can help the administration out. He seems to know how things work:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Tuesday said he was confident Syria would abide by its promises not to mount chemical weapons attacks on opposition fighters, RIA Novosti reported.

"I rule out the use by [Syrian President Bashar Assad's] regime of chemical weapons," Lavrov said to reporters. "We have received appropriate assurances."

Everyone but the Republican Party assumes the administration is a hollow shell. And they are treating it as a business opportunity to provide security, diplomacy, and services that Washington can no longer provide. They are moving into the vacuum they know exists while the GOP flees from ghost stories they have told.

The Ukraine may soon fall into the orbit of Russia again. Korea will supply weapons to Southeast Asia. Japan will turn to ... well who knows ... after they reject the doubletalk from Hillary. One wonders what will happen when Obamacare, stimuli, auto industry bailouts, windmills, and trillion-dollar student loans fail. What opportunities will there be?