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'Obama Phones,' 'Obama Meals,' and Other Objects

People have a genius for associating items and objects with a particular zeitgeist. For example, during the Great Depression shanty towns were called "Hoovervilles" even though Herbert Hoover did not actually build them:

Democrats coined other terms, such as "Hoover blanket" (old newspaper used as blanketing) and "Hoover flag" (an empty pocket turned inside out). "Hoover leather" was cardboard used to line a shoe when the sole wore through. A "Hoover wagon" was an automobile with horses hitched to it because the owner could not afford fuel."

This was not racist, of course, because Hoover was white. And moreover, those who were coining the phrases were Democrats.

Wherever Elspeth Reeve thinks the phrase "Obama Phone" comes from, it bids fair to stay. The Page Rank will tell the tale. However, there's a still a chance that if school lunches are allowed to be less politically correct then the widespread use of the term "Obama Meal" can still be avoided.

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