Shame, Come Back, Shame!

Whatever President Obama has promised to his constituencies, including Viagra, it may be that the taxpayers finally aren't buying. John Boehner has already vowed “read my lips: we’re going to cut spending,” while Harry Reid has proclaimed “it is unproductive to resort to threats of a shutdown without any negotiations.” Whether this will end, as it always has done in the past, with both sides backing down, cutting a deal, and saving face, remains to be seen. 

With both states and the federal government literally bankrupt, the confrontation in Wisconsin and in Washington may develop into a firestorm that jumps the normal firebreaks of the system. The year 2011 has already thrown up many an unforeseen crisis in the Middle East. Whether it is also the year in which the taxpayer finally decides that enough is enough remains to be seen. Maybe it isn't going to be a replay between Clinton and Gingrich, but an echo of an older drama. An era is ending, and maybe the final curtain is starting to go down in Wisconsin. 

Shane: What’s your offer, Riker? 

Riker: To you, not a thing. 

Shane: That’s too bad. 

Riker: Too bad? 

Shane: Yeah, you’ve lived too long. Your kind of days are over. 

Riker: My days? What about yours, gunfighter? 

Shane: The difference is I know it. 

The politically protected constituencies may never know it's over. Not until the final credits. Shame, come back, Shame!  Don't bother calling. He left town a long time ago. Maybe for Rockford, Illinois. 

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