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Jared Lee Loughner

Loughner's last video shows him hunched over a flag to the tune of "Let the Bodies Hit the Floor". One of Loughner's last messages from his MySpace page (now taken down, here is the cached version) says, "Goodbye friends, Dear Friends ... don't be mad at me. The literacy rate is is below 5%. I haven't talked to one person who is literate. I want to mak..." From his entries on MySpace, Loughner was a little short in the literacy department himself. Here's a selection of his postings,  the nature of  which indicate that he may have been a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

My sleeping bg is at an interstate wash from Tucson to Pheonix ... am unable to sleep, but the ...

I know how to graduate without a cult ceremony: Please! Don't think of murdering.

Well, the fucking pigs are genociding ... no public property for housing and no jobs for me. Die you fucking pig1 I know your brainwashed to love them fuckin cops -- fuck you.

Literate Letter: Dear Reader, Brainwash ... I'm searching. Today With every concern, my shot is now ready for aim. The hunt, a mighty thought of mine, for everyone ...

Dear Reader ... in confusion over being single starting. My current situation revolves around prostitution. A prostitute, that ...

But Loughner's mental state is unlikely to comfort his victims, one of whom was a 9 year old girl. Neither should his political affiliation be a factor. Caitie Parker, who claims to know Loughner, says on her Twitter page.

caitieparker Saying Jared Laughner was the gunman. Really hoping that's not the same guy I went to HS with, really good friend. Freaking out right now!!!

caitieparker @antderosa it's loughner just checked my year book.

caitieparker @antderosa I went to high school, college, & was in a band with the gunman. This tragedy has just turned to horrific.

caitieparker @lakarune I haven't seen him since '07. Then, he was left wing.

caitieparker @antderosa he had a lot of friends until he got alcohol poisoning in '06, & dropped out of school. Mainly loner very philosophical.

caitieparker @antderosa he was a pot head & into rock like Hendrix,The Doors, Anti-Flag. I haven't seen him in person since '07 in a sign language class

caitieparker @antderosa As I knew him he was left wing, quite liberal. & oddly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy.

Whenever a gun spree occurs or a public official is shot, the first reactions of political partisans is to spin it. In this case it seems fairly evident that any attempts to portray Loughner as a Tea Party activist, Communist, Anarchist, Left winger, Right winger, Republican or Democrat are probably not meaningful. From what evidence is available, Jared Lee Loughner was nuttier than a fruitcake.

I doubt, however, whether attempts to hang the rap on one side of the political fence or the other will stop. Whenever a tragedy occurs the first reaction is to ask "why?" Sometimes there is no sane reason why, and that's all you can say.

Link to Wretchard's novel "No Way In" print edition

Link to Wretchard's novel "No Way In" Kindle Edition"