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Dean Barnett, a blogger, talkshow host and sports fan died from complications arising from cystic fibrosis. Bill Kristol at the Weekly Standard makes the announcement for his paper:

It's my sad duty to report that our good friend and valued contributor Dean Barnett passed away today. He was a remarkable man--principled, witty, and to all of us, a model of grace and courage. We mourn his passing and cherish his memory.

The incidentals outlive life by a little. The mail arrives for a while; magazines keep coming until the subscriptions are cancelled. The more vibrant a life, the more threads hang in the air almost as if they were waiting for someone to complete them. There are manuscripts unfinished, chores half done.  In the 1956 version of the Dambusters, the camera focuses on a clock that keeps ticking in room whose occupants will never return from that last mission over Nazi Germany. Sometimes relatives put off cleaning out the room or packing up the effects of the deceased because it almost seems as if they'll come back. Just you wait.

The time to clean up comes when we realize that even memory is not necessary for love.  Nothing is futile. Just you wait.

If you have any favorite links to his posts, please put them in comments.