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Boldness be my friend

Fausta has video of the FARC rescue mission. Those who can understand Spanish will find it especially interesting, but Fausta provides the translation for those who can’t. One of the most chilling sights is the shot of the FARC security cordon around the Trojan Horse helicopter as the hostages were boarding and the Colombian Army was carrying out its impersonation. All that stood between the Colombian rescue team and that large force of armed men, against whom they would have had no chance, was a wall of disinformation. A friend described the recollections of a British intelligence officer “who spent the entire war as a waiter in a German officer’s club in Berlin” and whose greatest fear was that he could “speak English in his sleep”. In the jungles of South America as in long ago Berlin, safety depended entirely on keeping up the bluff — and not talking English in your sleep.  Maybe Shakespeare said it best.

Boldness be my friend!
Arm me, audacity, from head to foot!
Or, like the Parthian, I shall flying fight;
Rather directly fly.

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