[ALL ACCESS] 'Unwoke' Free-for-All #3: Democrats Went a Trimester Too Far

We used this post that Kevin wrote at the beginning of the month as a jumping-off point for this episode. One reason that it’s best to not give in to any demands of the Democrats is that they ask for everything and still want more.


This has always been the case with them, but the 2022 Democrats are really shooting for the commie moon, especially when it comes to the abortion issue.

Spoiler alert: we don’t have a lot of nice things to say about them.

We also explain where last week’s episode went.

Kevin and I would like to thank all of the new friends who joined us for the first couple of all-access episodes. We won’t always be talking about politics but it was kind of difficult to avoid that this week. If you’d like to join us on the other side you can subscribe here and use the promo code UNWOKE to receive a 25% discount.