[WATCH] Kruiser's 'Beyond the Briefing'—Joe Biden Is Killing All Our Favorite Celebrities

If you grandfather in the last week of 2021 — and I am — it’s been a rough start to the year with the loss of several celebrities who were beloved by the American public.

Quarterbacks and presidents always get all of the credit or all of the blame for things.

Hey, I’m just playing by society’s rules here.


Since I am a comic, this is mostly about the double whammy of losing Bob Saget and Louie Anderson so close together. Both have been fixtures since I first began going on the road way back in the day.

I also ponder my own mortality and get to the bottom of what those old “internet cafes” were really about.

It’s a real eye-opener.

Also, my hair is back to that awful “pervy professor during office hours” length. I’m heading over to the university now.