The Kruiser Kabana Episode 164: I Wish COVID Had a Face I Could Punch

We’re 22 months into “15 days to flatten the curve” and, while I’m no epidemiologist, I’d have to say that none of this is going well.


I have railed quite a bit throughout this time about the freedom-sucking tyranny that we have had to endure in the name of “public health” in our once-free country. We have seen COVID blow up recently in blue states that never backed off of the mask and vax stuff, yet no one in charge will admit that maybe the masks don’t have superpowers after all.

While it is all infuriating, nothing gets me as angry as when this never-ending plague messes up my kid’s life. Before I continue I should note that she is handling it all with grace.

I want to knock somebody out though.

This episode is a bit of venting for me.

And for anyone who wants to live vicariously through me.