The Kruiser Kabana Episode 163: Comedy Isn't Dead Even Though Liberals Keep Trying to Kill It

Apparently, this is actually episode 162. However, while I was sleep-deprived from a sinus infection last week I posted episode 161 as 162. Confusion reigned and I called this one 163, so we’re just going to go with that. Years from now people can talk about the legendary lost episode of The Kruiser Kabana Podcast.

This is how legends grow, people.


I get asked a lot if comedy is being completely ruined by the woke scolds. Kevin Downey Jr. and I kicked off our “Unwoke Comedy Tour” last Saturday in Hillsdale, MI, and I am happy to report that the commies haven’t killed stand-up.

There were some cobwebs that needed to be shaken off of my act, to be sure. It was my first full-length set since before the pandemic. It would appear that I still have talent though.

In this episode, I go over why I think the humorless left will never be able to destroy comedy. I think I’m right.

I hope I’m right.