'Unwoke' With Kevin and Kruiser #20—The Lenny Bruce Episode (NO PAYWALL THIS WEEK!)

We’re calling this “The Lenny Bruce Episode” because it’s part of our VIP program anniversary week, and we’ve been talking about free speech a lot. Even though we’re invoking the original Mr. F-Bomb in the title, this is the cleanest episode we’ve ever done because it’s ALL ACCESS! That’s right, this is a teaser episode for everyone to enjoy! This week only, you can receive a 40% discount — our largest ever — if you sign up for VIP using the promo code 2022.

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We discuss Aaron Rodgers, what we’re reading, what we’re drinking, and, of course, Lenny Bruce.

We also do our first unboxing ever, this one from Battlbox.

No animals were harmed during the recording of this episode and, as far as I know, no arrests were made.

Have fun!