The Kruiser Kabana Episode 150: Cam Edwards on Biden's Gun-Grabbing Plans

Bearing Arms Editor Cam Edwards was last on the podcast several months ago, and at the time he mentioned that he’d like to be my guest on this 150th milestone episode.

A lot of Biden-induced messiness has happened in America since Cam’s last appearance, and I was wondering if some of that may be distracting our alleged president from his original gun control agenda.


Sure, it’s impossible to know what is going on in Biden’s head anymore, and that could make things even worse for those of us who are 2nd Amendment fans. Cam explores what some of that blindside might look like.

Always a fun time with Cam, and Stephen Green and I are looking forward to soon having him as a guest in our new “Seat of Uncomfortable Ecstasy” on our weekly VIP Gold live chat.