The Kruiser Kabana Episode 148: Ricochet's Jon Gabriel on Converting to Orthodox Christianity During COVID

It took us a few weeks, but we finally made it happen.


Ricochet Editor-in-Chief Jon Gabriel is back in the Kabana to wrap up the “Faith Week” that I kicked off with my friend and colleague Megan Fox last month. With all we’re going through as a nation right now I think it’s important to step away from politics and discuss matters that are transcendent. We had a scheduling hiccup and then Afghanistan started getting really ugly so things got pushed back a few weeks.

I wanted Megan and Jon as guests because they are both fairly recent converts to their faith traditions. Megan converted to Roman Catholicism and Jon to Eastern Orthodox Christianity. As a cradle Catholic, I’m always interested in hearing about the spiritual journeys of my convert friends.

This was a fun conversation. Next time, we’ll probably talk about burritos.