The Kruiser Kabana Episode 146: Joe Biden Is Just the Tip of the Existential Threat Iceberg

This was supposed to be a discussion with my friend Jon Gabriel from Ricochet about faith, but we’re both refocusing our efforts for a few days after the attacks in Kabul on Thursday. He will be joining me at the end of next week.

Now, however, might be the perfect time to talk about faith, prayer, and a belief in something beyond this world. I do a little of that in this episode.


Mostly I’m taking a look at the looming existential threats to the American experiment and looking for reasons to not despair. We’re in the historical/political version of Dark Night of the Soul right now. That means that it’s going to get much rougher before it gets better.

Yeah, it’s heavier fare than what I usually do on this podcast, but there are some dark clouds hanging over this great land that can’t be ignored.

Have a safe weekend, my friends.