'Unwoke' With Kevin and Kruiser #7: A Family Farewell, a Cuomo Conspiracy, and a Classic Highball

Meander With Us, Won’t You?

This is Part One of two episodes. We recorded this on Wednesday just a few hours after my Uncle Dave had died. Kevin and I are showbiz pros, so the show had to go on. It was obvious that I was in dire need of the work distraction, so we ended up talking for two hours. Once we went well over an hour, we decided to make it a two-parter. Part Two will be a bonus episode at the beginning of next week. We’re not gonna slack off–a full new episode will be arriving at the end of next week.


Kevin is our new resident gun expert here at PJ Media, and we have a good discussion about gun-grabbers and the 2nd Amendment. We’ve also got a juicy conspiracy theory about the timing of Andrew Cuomo’s resignation because, as I note, “I’ve got a closetful of tinfoil hats now.”

It was a wonderful way to spend an otherwise sad day. Again, I’m forever grateful that I get to call this “work.”