[WATCH] Kruiser's 'Beyond the Briefing'—Now Accepting Applications for My Taco Cult

The Kruiser Cult Has No Weird Death Plans

Let me be clear about this up front, my friends: there will be no spiked Kool-Aid in the cult of Kruiser. In fact, there won’t be any Kool-Aid at all, because that stuff will kill you even if it isn’t spiked.


There was a more scripted plan for this third episode, but that all went out the window when the recording of it was delayed for seven hours by a tech glitch. It was one of those weeks with tech problems. They were all easily resolved but they came in bunches almost as soon as I began working on Monday morning. I should have known that a rough week was in the offing last Saturday when I spent half my day off trying to resolve a computer issue.

Thursday, which is already my busiest day of the week, became a day of playing catch-up. By the time I got around to recording this, my brain had broken up with the day and was listening to NSYNC’s Bye Bye Bye on a loop.

So I’m riffing here.

I wrote an “Almost Daily Distraction” post last month that mentioned becoming a cult leader, but the post was mostly about bashing Democrats. I end up exploring that idea a little more here. I’m ready to roll with this idea. The application process is now open.

Let’s have tacos!