The Kruiser Kabana Episode 137: Democrats Wouldn't Know the Moral High Ground If They Were Dropped on It From a Helicopter

Just Shut It, Dems

This was inspired by some experiences in my personal life this past year. One of the most wearisome things about modern-day Democrats is that they are under the ridiculous impression that their political opinions confer some sort of moral superiority to them.


For the most part, they are tedious, Godless people whose politics put them on the wrong side of moral judgment on either side of death. Harsh but true.

One of the ways I stay so zen about politics is that I don’t let anything linger. If something annoys me I get it off my chest as quickly as I can in one of the many forums available to me. Then I move on. This time, dear Kruiser Kabana listeners, you get to hear me unload.

It’s this kind of bonding moment that I think makes what we have here so special. As always, we are forever grateful for our VIP friends. Thank you for pitching in and supporting the battle against the Big Tech censorship freak show. Let’s get together for a drink or 12 soon.