The Kruiser Kabana Episode 132: Libs Are Shocked That SCOTUS Won't Mud Wrestle for Them

Dems Are Discovering That the Sky In Their World Ain’t Right

Admittedly, I am not a hardcore watcher of the Supreme Court. I have a lot of attorney friends and I tend to get the highlights from them after big decisions.

However, after yet another unanimous SCOTUS decision, I began contrasting this recent spate of them with all of the APOCALYPSE NOW!!!!!!! predictions from the Democrats during the Kavanaugh and Barrett confirmations. Sure enough, I found more than one lib who was perplexed and maybe even a little dismayed.


Here is the link to the article from The New York Times that I reference in this episode. It’s not about the unanimous decisions, but it is full of rather curious assessments. In the author’s fever dream, the conservatives on the court are “badly fractured.” This is boiler plate analysis from the MSM. Anytime conservatives anywhere don’t operate as a hive mind like they do, media hacks write about drama and civil wars and other such nonsense.

Contrast what’s actually happening with the doomsday scenarios they harangue us with every time a Republican president nominates a judge to the court.

It never happens.