The Kruiser Kabana Episode 131: Government Economists Are the Dumbest People Ever

Behold the Idiot Brigade

Where to begin.

While working on the Morning Briefing a few nights ago, I was both amused and annoyed by a story about inflation that employed the word “unexpected.” Variations of “unexpected” were thrown around all eight years that The Lightbringer was in office because, according to the experts and the MSM, we were supposed to be constantly surprised that his economy was awful. Here in Real America, the awfulness was always expected; it was only the slow crowd inside the Beltway that was caught off guard.


In this episode I explore whether we’re dealing duplicity or ignorance from the federal economic Wizard Class. I also explain why “both” isn’t a valid answer.

I promised a link to this post I wrote last week about swing voters not believing any of the White House spin about the inflation we can all plainly see.

And that we knew was going to happen.