The Kruiser Kabana Episode 126: The Joy of Never Being Age-Appropriate

I Prefer to Be Immature

The world has been operating with a serious fun deficit these last 17 months or so. I’ve been exhorting people to ignore the gloom-and-doom types and and try to enjoy life a little more.

Or a lot more.

I find a good way to get around all of the negativity is by making sure that I rarely act my age.


Yes, yes I must.

As I explain in this episode, I get cut a lot of slack for being age-inappropriate because I’m a comedian and people don’t expect us to be pillars of mature society. I like to think that I would reject the concept of being age-appropriate even if I’d gone on a more normal career journey.

Until my dying breath, I’m going to enjoy being somewhat of an imbecile whenever I can.

And I hope to keep making it enjoyable for you.

Have fun!