The Kruiser Kabana Episode 124: Katie Pavlich on Guns, Tacos, and Things to Like About Washington, D.C.

Bear Down, Arizona

It took some time (I’m terrible at booking guests — I need an assistant) but I’m excited to finally welcome my Townhall colleague and fellow University of Arizona Wildcat Katie Pavlich to the Kabana podcast.

Katie is a rarity: she’s been working in the Swamp for a long time but hasn’t let it affect her. In fact, she offers some good perspectives on that in this episode. Trust me, dear friends, it won’t be the last time that one of my younger guests exhibits a lot more maturity than I do.

We also spend a fair amount of time talking about the future of the GOP, Trump, and the party’s prospects for 2022.

It’s a fun, wide-ranging conversation that I’m glad we finally got to have. You will be too.