The Kruiser Kabana Episode 115: Steak-umm's Twitter Smackdown of Neil deGrasse Tyson Restored My Faith in Humanity

All of the Left’s Favorite Scientists Are Paste-Eaters

The social media world — Twitter in particular — has been lacking the kind of goofy fun that once made it all worth hanging around a lot. Yeah, I’m still on all day but that’s a work thing. I used to be on Twitter because it was an enjoyable distraction from work.

Monday night gave us a reminder of the old days.

Neil deGrasse Tyson had another one of his infamously stupid Twitter moments and was then rolled over by the social media account of a frozen meat company. Kira has the story at RedState and Twitchy has some of the responses.

Tyson is known for tweeting things that are so remarkably stupid that it makes people wonder if he really has a PhD in astrophysics. Steak-umm is known for being an easy way to make steak sandwiches.

And now science.

Whoever is running the social media account is goooooood.

Oh, I’m going to.