The Kruiser Kabana Episode 114: I'm Beginning to Think This Biden Guy Doesn't Like America Very Much

Bro, Do You Even America?

Not gonna lie: Gropey Joe and his puppet president antics are wearing me out. I’m not depressed or anything. As I explain in this episode, I very much enjoy my life these days, despite Biden and his antics. And, working from the political opposition is always good because one rarely runs out of things to write about.

Still, I wouldn’t mind it if these commies pumped the brakes on their fundamental transformation dismantling of America.


I recorded this after waking up early and was running a sleep deficit so I decided to vent a little. I immediately felt better.

I am now refreshed and ready to write more snarktastic and mean things about our alleged president.

As always, a big thanks to all of you VIP members. You’re the whiskey in my coffee.