The Kruiser Kabana Episode 106: A Few Andrew Breitbart Memories of Mine

Make It Fun

This is the first episode I’m posting this week because I was off celebrating my birthday at the beginning of the week. My birthday is March 1st, which is also the day that Andrew Breitbart died in 2012. It’s difficult to believe that he’s been gone almost a decade already. Andrew’s legacy looms large over the grassroots conservative activist community. For those of you who are VIP Gold subscribers, my buddy Kurt Schlichter has an excellent post over at Townhall discussing how Breitbart’s legacy could be seen last week all over CPAC, even all these years later.

I had been thinking about Andrew a lot a few weeks ago and as I read Kurt’s piece I began to again. While I didn’t know him for very long — 2 1/2 years — before he died, we did get to spend some quality time with each other. There were some things about the way Andrew went about things that stuck out and that’s what I am sharing in this episode. Just some fun remembrances. The world could use Andrew’s brand of fun right now.

I mentioned an incident and said that I was going to try and find video of so I could post it here but I didn’t have any luck. I’ll keep looking.

As always, thank you, VIP subscribers…we couldn’t do this without you.



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