The Kruiser Kabana Episode 102: I'm Giving Up Cheese for Lent So Please Write to Me in Prison

It Had To Be Done

My fully focused approach to Lent this year begins with sharing some of the journey with you, dear listeners. Last year’s Lent was not the best for a variety of reasons, many of which were plague-related. The plague is still here, but I’m determined to not let it interfere.

This year I’m practically going to be a Benedictine monk.

OK, a Benedictine monk who has a really good birthday bash at the beginning of March. Fr. Party, if you will.

Chief among my various Lenten observations this year is giving up cheese. This may not seem like much to many of you, but those who know me well fear not only for my sanity, but for the safety of those around me whilst I’m off the Gouda stuff.

That will be my only bad cheese pun, I promise.

Of course, sharing this with all of you means I have some public accountability now. While I’m not in the habit of backing out of my Lenten observance promises, I can’t know for sure that the lack of cheese in my system won’t make me do weird things.



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