The Kruiser Kabana Episode 98: Stop Letting Legacy Morons Like Andrew Cuomo Run for Office

Let’s Put an End to the Diluted Gene Pool Plague

Blame the Kennedys.

Despite fighting and winning a revolution to break free from hereditary rule, we here in the United States don’t always act as if we really want that. Our sixth president, after all, was the son of our second president.

No cheating — just because the rulers are elected doesn’t mean that it’s less creepy when they come from the same bloodline.

Thankfully, we haven’t done a lot of that at the presidential level. It gets a little ridiculous at times at the congressional, state, and municipal levels.

Too many once wonderful American states and cities have ended up being run by a cesspool of mediocrities who issued forth from the loins of slightly more talented parents who managed to win an election or two.


I say let’s free ourselves from this poorly bred tyranny.

The basset-faced governor of New York has been all over media for the last week angrily defending his nursing home/gas chamber response to the COVID-19 breakout in his state, which was objectively and demonstrably the worst of any governor in the U.S. His obvious anger issues probably stem from the fact that he knows that no one will ever like him as much as they liked his dad when he was governor.

Let’s relieve him of his burden.

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