VIP GOLD LIVE CHAT: With Paula Bolyard, Megan Fox, Stacey Lennox, and Victoria Taft - Replay Available

Join us today at 1:30 p.m. for the latest installment of the VIP GOLD live chat with Yours Truly, Megan Fox, Stacey Lennox, and Victoria Taft.

We’ll spend an hour talking politics and anything else that comes up. Best of all, we’ll be answering your questions in real-time. Here are some topics we’ll be discussing today:

  • A high-level Chinese defector is telling tales about China’s biological weapons program
  • Pot for shots in Washington State
  • Burger King pimping gay chicken
  • Fauci’s email scandal

And whatever else pops into our heads.

If you’re not yet a VIP GOLD member, you can sign up here to support PJM’s efforts to fight back against the left’s attacks while also having a little fun. (Note to our standard VIP members: If you’d like to upgrade to GOLD in order to have access to content and live chats across all the Townhall Media sites, including Townhall, RedState, Bearing Arms, Hot Air, and Twitchy, drop me an email (address in my bio) and I’ll get you set up.

Looking forward to chatting with you!