The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 78: Insurrectionist or Hero? Exclusive Interview with J6 Detainee Jacob Lang

(PJ Media)

For the last several weeks, I’ve been in communication with Edward Jacob Lang, who is detained for his role in the January 6 protest that turned violent at the nation’s Capitol. I’ve taken those interviews and compiled them into the podcast. Ned Lang, Jacob’s father, also joined me to talk about his experience after the fateful day.

PJ Media has reported on the horrific conditions that the J6 prisoners are being subjected to, which resulted in a surprise inspection by officials. That inspection led to 400 prisoners being moved to other facilities. Lang and his fellow detainees were largely responsible for breaking that story and getting the prisoners the help they needed. While none of the detainees were removed from the conditions they reported, they remain focused on bringing awareness to poor prison conditions and criminal justice reform in America.

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Our conversation on today’s podcast goes over the events that led to Jacob’s arrest, and I ask him some tough questions that I’m sure everyone wants to know. If the explosive story that Lang told me is true, the media and the government have a lot of explaining to do. I will be following this case closely and will report on the upcoming trial as it happens. Tune in for this exclusive interview with Jacob Lang.