The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 70: Retaliation Against Parents Who Speak Out Against School Board Policies Explodes

(PJ Media)

Hey guys, it’s been a heck of a week. I have been so busy on the ground in NY covering some local stories with national implications. The school boards here are out of control, and three parents have now been arrested and criminally charged in retaliation for showing up at board meetings to criticize superintendents and school officials.

Featured on the show today is the story of three parents, a talk show host, a lawyer, and a mom of a special needs child, all of whom were arrested out of spite. These stories of strip searches, public shaming, harassment, and slander will make your blood boil. Tune in to find out how school boards are actively organizing to destroy outspoken parents and learn how you can help stop it from happening in your town.

Today’s show has a lot of information and a LOT of audio clips. Forgive my awkward editing skills. By the time I realized I should have fixed a couple of small errors, it was too late and it was either turn it in or wait until next week. I desperately need a producer.

Tune in!