The Fringe with Megan Fox, Episode 48: Remembering Rush

It’s been a hard few days for the Rush Limbaugh audience. Rush means so much to so many of us that I’d like to get your stories and your thoughts on what the EIB network has meant to you too. Hopefully, I’ll figure out the tech to make that happen and take your calls. I’m considering doing a live stream every day for a while so I can collect your calls and thoughts and publish them next week. Please follow me @MeganFoxWriter on Twitter and @MeganFox at Gab to be alerted to when those live streams will go public and hop on to share your memories of Rush, which I will use for a future podcast. If you would rather leave your thoughts in writing, please use the comments section and I’ll read them on the air next week.

Today’s show includes some of my memories of Rush and what the show has meant to me. I am joined by Jon Del Arroz, author and comics creator, who shares his earliest memories of the great Maha Rushie. Tune in for excellence in remembering Rush.