Five O'Clock Somewhere with Kruiser, Preston, VodkaPundit - Replay Available

Quick — name something Joe Biden has done that’s obviously good for America.

Trick question. You can’t, because he hasn’t. Six months in and he’s going to OPEC, hat in hand begging it to please make more oil, and begging the Taliban to “Hammer please don’t hurt us.”

Because asking terrorists not to kill you has worked so well in the past.

We’re sure Biden’s total lack of any pro-American effort has nothing to do with the fact that Russian mobsters have a trove of blackmail material on Hunter Biden. Nah. Can’t be that.

Electing a compromised idiot has its consequences, but all isn’t terrible. Gina Carano has announced her next movie. Movie critics are already writing their scathing reviews before it’s even made.

Tulsi Gabbard has joined Rumble. Maybe she should join our show.

Bill McClintock is back with another work of sheer genius.

This is the show where air fryers rule, cats make cameos, we celebrate America, and it’s always Five O’Clock Somewhere.

Well, not literally, but you get the idea. Will they ever catch D.B. Cooper?

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