[WATCH] Here's What Defunding the Police Looks Like in One City

Just about a year ago, on August 13, 2020, Austin, Texas, defunded its police department. The city council unanimously voted to gut the Austin Police Department’s budget by about one-third.

What’s happened since then?

Watch this week’s C’Mon Now! and find out — and find out how you can help make sure stories like this one don’t get ignored or buried by the media. No one has covered the consequences of defunding the police in Austin to the level of depth and detail that PJ Media has. We’ve covered this story in depth across the entire year since the vote with stories such as these.

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EXCLUSIVE: Austin Star Police Detective Accuses DA Jose Garza’s Office of Criminal Witness Tampering in High-Profile Case

PJ Media’s Megan Fox has covered corruption in Missouri family courts to an even greater depth. This is no accident. Citizen journalism has never been more important, and it takes concerned citizens to stand up and get information out from under people who have interests in hiding it.

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