[WATCH] Real History vs. Fake Woke History, and the Real Texas Rangers

This week on C’Mon Now! I interview historian Dr. Jody Edward Ginn. Dr. Ginn is the author of East Texas Troubles, a deeply researched and peer-reviewed look at how the Texas Rangers led the cleanup of a town that had been taken over by a ruthless gang, some of whom wore badges themselves. It’s a great book, very well-written, and full of 1930s Texas history and intrigue.

We also discuss his role as a consultant on the 2019 Netflix film The Highwaymen, starring Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson, and Kathy Bates, which tells the untold story of the two retired Texas Rangers who successfully hunted down the murderous crime duo Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow. In addition to these two accomplishments, Dr. Ginn helped write and produce the 2014 Tejanos at the Alamo exhibit, which told the true story of the Tejanos who fought and died to free Texas from the tyrant Santa  Anna.

Dr. Ginn is currently the executive director of the Texas Rangers Heritage Center in Fredericksburg, Texas.

We touch on many topics from how history is done right to how it’s currently being done wrong (by some), and much more.

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