[WATCH] Is Joe Biden's Son a Firearm Felon?

Democrats tout the instant background check system for keeping firearms out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them, but do they live by it?

Last week we learned that the Secret Service intervened in a strange situation involving Hunter Biden, who is Joe Biden’s son. This was in 2018, when Biden was still a former vice president. Hunter Biden is the one known for impregnating a stripper, doing drugs, and inking lucrative deals with communist China despite having no relevant professional experience.

Hunter Biden got booted from the Navy in 2017 for testing positive for cocaine use (America didn’t even learn that news until several months later). He also submitted to the National Instant Background Check System, or NICS, when he purchased a .38 special that his girlfriend, who was also the wife of his late brother, tossed into a trash can outside a grocery store.

Did Hunter Biden, son of the president who is now pushing gun control on law-abiding Americans again, commit a felony in all this?

Watch this week’s C’Mon Now! as we take a look at this question the mainstream media won’t.

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