[WATCH] Beto, Biden, Samurai, Darth Vader, and...Gun Control?

C'Mon Now! discusses what Beto, Biden, Darth Vader and samurai all have in common.

If you’re anything like me, while you like a good docu-drama you’d prefer the drama part to stay in the past. We’re not afforded that luxury. Between the pandemic, the lockdowns, defunding the police, a border crisis (of Joe Biden’s own making), and now a drive to disarm law-abiding Americans while crime is surging, life is getting pretty spicy.

In this episode of C’Mon Now! I take a look at a moment from history in a new Netflix docu-drama, Age of Samurai, which may not exactly parallel current events but it does rhyme.

Plus, I defend George Lucas — probably for the last time. Click to watch.

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