[WATCH] C'mon Now! Whose Disinformation Is It Anyway?

Every day comes a strange new assault on life, culture, and the freedom of thought, press, faith, and speech in these United States. Last week we got hit with the twin barrels of a House Democrat attack on media they don’t like on the one hand, and the bizarre attack on Mr. Potato Head on the other.

Yeah, Mr. Potato Head. Who knew the spud with the interchangeable parts was some symbol of oppression?

In one respect we can consider ourselves here fortunate: Our lives hopefully are not so awful that we spend our days contemplating how assaulting Mr. Potato Head’s gender validates our opinion of the patriarchy.

In another respect, for one of the two major political parties in this country to launch an open attack on freedom of the press in a congressional hearing should alarm us all, whether we’re from the right, the left, or no particular political persuasion. The freedom of the press is so vital the founders put in the First Amendment, right up front, so no one could miss it. Democrats consistently push to cancel both the First and the Second Amendments.

The notion that the Democrats are doing this in the name of “disinformation” is especially rich, given the fact that the networks the Democrats would exempt from their war on the First Amendment trafficked in disinformation for several years — disinformation that continues to divide the country. They recently spread even more disinformation in the wake of the Capitol riot on January 6.

I have the receipts and will explain it all, you just have to click play.

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