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Turkey Attacks Israel. Does The Ottoman Empire Want to Lead the Caliphate?


Israel National News has a harrowing first-hand report from one of the naval commandos:

“Each soldier who descended was grabbed by three or four men and they simply exploded, beating him up. They lynched us.

“They had metal clubs, knives, slingshots, glass bottles…At one point there was also live fire.

“I was among the last to descend, and I saw that the group was dispersed, everyone in his own corner surrounded by three or four men. I saw a soldier on the floor with two men beating him. I peeled them off of him and they came at me and began beating me with the clubs.

“That’s how I broke my arm. At that moment I had no weapon in my hands, like everyone else who descended on the cables empty-handed. My paintball gun was behind me.

“They came and attacked me, I brought them down to the floor, I took a few steps back, I took out my paintball gun, they came at me, and I shot at their legs. One of the clubs destroyed my paint gun and I moved on to my pistol which was the only thing to hold against them. At this point my arm no longer functioned.

“From the opening of the corridor, they were shooting at us the entire time with live fire”

“[They were] about 30 men; they simply came for war. We came to straighten things out, to speak to those who went downstairs, but each of us who descended was simply attacked.

“There were some from my group that were thrown to the lower floor, and the passengers took their equipment. They jumped to the water as a last resort. We were told that if they didn’t listen, we should shoot at their legs with the paintball gun. ‘The pistol is only for if you really feel your life is in danger, which shouldn’t happen. It would be extremely abnormal.’ But in the end, that is what happened.

“We came with the intention of stopping the ship and taking it to Ashdod, and we did not come with the weapons we usually have; we came for something entirely different.”

Fiamma Nirenstein reports:

“At four in the morning, a firsthand witness Carmela Menashe, a military reporter who mercilessly uncovered many scandals in the Israeli army, declared that when soldiers from the Israeli Navy tried to get off the ship they were welcomed with gunfire. ‘There were firearms on the ship’ of the pacifists; the soldiers that touched the bridge faced a lynching ‘like that of Ramallah’ in which human limbs were thrown into the crowd. They used, with enormous impetuosity according to recounts, iron bars, knives and gas. The Israeli soldiers were thrown into the hold of the ship by the ‘pacifists’ in an attempt to either kidnap or throw them into the sea. This explains why their mates fired. Of course, the sailors were not part of a military, they were civilians: but, by now, in asymmetric warfare civilians are used as human shields and combatants.”

Here is an official statement from Israeli Ambassador to the US Michael Oren.

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If it were any country other than Israel, the United Nations would be loudly condemning this brazen, premeditated attack on a sovereign nation by sea.

What Israel did was completely within her rights according to international law.

Unlike Islamists, Israel is now actually providing medical attention and air-conditioned tents to the Turks who came to attack them.

Where is Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit? What kind of medical attention is he receiving? As I point out in the following article, the so-called “humanitarians” refused to bring food and a note to this poor Israeli, long a hostage in Gaza.

And, by the way: Some Gazans live in great luxury, others quite comfortably. You would never know this from the world propaganda which only depicts poor or homeless Gazans.

I published the following piece earlier today at NewsRealBlog.

Turkey Attacks Israel. Does The Ottoman Empire Want to Lead the Caliphate?

One may describe Hitler as a “vegetarian” (which he apparently was) but he was still a genocidally exterminationist Jew-hater whose relentless racism and imperial ambitions led to the death of more than 60 million people.

One may also describe the Turks on board the “freedom flotilla” (Orwell himself could not have suggested a better logo) as “humanitarian activists.” But they are still pro-terrorist Turkish jihadists whose mission was to kill Jews, one way or the other. This was a mission which aimed to further demonize the already shamefully tarnished reputation of the Jewish state. This mission planned to force a violent confrontation; were Israeli soldiers to dare defend themselves and if Muslims are therefore martyred—even better public relations, even better for international lawfare against the Israel.

The so-called “humanitarians,” at least on one boat, came armed with metal bars and knives. They were fighters, not pacifists, and they called out traditional Islamic battle cries: “[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!” According to Palestinian Media Watch:

“Khaibar is the name of the last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad’s army in 628. Many Jews were killed in that battle, which marked the end of Jewish presence in Arabia. There are Muslims who see that as a precursor for future wars against Jews. At gatherings and rallies of extremists, this chant is often heard as a threat to Jews to expect to be defeated and killed again by Muslims.”

This video shows Israeli soldiers being beaten with long and heavy metal rods on one of the Turkish boats. Jeff Dunetz (“YidWithLid”) has a series of disturbing and informative videos in which we can see the planned nature and intensity of the Turkish-Palestinian violence against Israeli soldiers—an attack which involved stabbings, beatings, firebombing attempts, throwing soldiers overboard, etc.”