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Staged Palestinian Hoaxes in the First Lebanon War or Telling the Truth Can Lead to More of Same.

It only takes one person.

If one person fights with all his might to tell the truth, (and today that person is Philippe Karsenty), if he or she risks everything to expose the Big Lie, takes on The Very Naked Emperor, then, one by one, others also start speaking out.

I have been writing about the doctored footage and staged photos that characterize the propaganda war against Israel and the Jews since 2001. Most recently, see HERE (Photos That Lie: Building the Case Against Israel, Article by Article, Day After Day), and HERE. (The Hoax That Launched the Al-Aqsa Intifada: Mainstream Media Complicity and Silence).

I have known the prominent Israeli academic, Dr. Marilyn Safir, of Haifa, for 36 years. She is an American-born left feminist psychologist who moderates a major Israeli feminist academic listserv group. I have written about her experiences of anti-Semitism in both The New Anti-Semitism and in The Death of Feminism. Nevertheless, Marilyn never disconnected from the international feminist movement for this reason–and I am not suggesting that she should have.

When the Kassam rockets literally began falling on her head in Haifa she invited me to come to Israel to talk about anti-Semitism in general and among intellectuals and progressives in particular. I agreed–but then, alas, could not go.

With her permission, I am sharing what she has just told me about her personal eye-witness experience of Palestinian faux-tography in the first Lebanon war (1981-1982). She writes:

Hi Phyllis :

In the first Lebanon War, just before I left for that feminist conference in Montreal, we saw two news reports on Israel TV. In one, the Israel news team followed a French film crew. The French media put several young children in a burnt out car and lit a fire on the far side of the car and then filmed the children in the “burning car” screaming and crying with the smoke and flames billowing in the background. Two days latter I saw this clip broadcast in Montreal. If I hadn’t seen them staging it, I would have believed these were kids who were directly attacked (by Israelis) and left to burn to death.

The other clip – was of the Israeli air force attacking a “hospital” with a big red cross on the roof. We could see that the “hospital” was actually a base of the PLO who were (engaged in) shooting from it. That, too, appeared on the news. Interestingly, the Lebanese Government took out a big paid ad stating that the (so-called) Hospital was PLO Headquarters and was headed by Arafat’s brother.

(The Montreal feminist ) conference was the one that the PLO tried to take over to pass anti- Israeli Resolutions – and that I more or less single handidly fought to prevent – successfully – I might add .


Thank you Marilyn. I wonder how many more such incidents people know about and when will they come forward? But as important: Will the mainstream Western and Arab language media ever cover this? Will the liberal blogosphere cover it? And, if not, what do we propose to do?

Dr. Richard Landes just told me that he dates what he has coined “Pallywood” (Palestinian hoax propaganda) back to the first Lebanon War. He has an excellent article about it HERE at his blogsite, AUGEAN STABLES.

Press HERE to listen to Fausta’s podcast featuring Richard Landes and Yaacov Ben Moshe.