Nickelodeon Puts Gay Married Couple in Children's Cartoon

Despite their rhetoric, the true objective of the “gay rights” movement has always been the normalization of their lifestyle, not the protection of actual rights. To that end, efforts to fundamentally transform the culture have been aimed squarely at children. From Life Site:

Nickelodeon, the American cable and satellite TV network aimed at kids and teens, has introduced its first animated “gay married” couple.

Debuting in The Loud House — a cartoon about Lincoln Loud, an 11-year-old boy with 10 sisters — the scene features a friend coming for a stayover with Lincoln.

Lincoln and his chum, Clyde McBride, have been counting down the time to the sleepover, so perhaps that’s why Lincoln announces: “Time to make history!” — before he opens the door to reveal Clyde and his two dads.

We’re quickly approaching a point beyond which parents will no longer be able to shield their children from depictions of homosexuality, unless they go off the grid. That was always the goal.