Parents Outraged at Austin's New Sex-Ed Curriculum That Trains Children to Become LGBT Activists

On Tuesday morning, the Austin Independent School District (ISD) school board approved a radical new sex-education curriculum for grades 3-8 that encourages all kinds of sex at young ages, urges kids to join LGBT “pride” parades, and aims to redefine biological sex and erase the words “mom” and “dad” from children’s vocabulary.

More than 100 people testified against the new curriculum on Monday night, and testimony lasted until after midnight. Yet the school board unanimously approved the new curriculum.

“This vote by the Austin ISD Board sends a clear message: people of faith and traditional moral values are not welcome in Austin ISD,” David Walls, vice president of Texas Values and a parent in Austin ISD, said in a statement. “By passing this curriculum, Austin ISD has broken the sacred trust that parents put in their children’s schools. Austin ISD parents have no reason to entrust their children to a school district that weaponizes education to indoctrinate children into the LGBT political movement.”

In a document revealing the radical nature of the curriculum, Texas Values drew attention to materials for the Grades 3-5 curriculum that encourage children to abandon the terms “mother” and “father” or “mom” and “dad.”

“Use Gender Inclusive Language,” the curriculum advises teachers. “It is important to avoid terms which refer only to ‘male’ and ‘female’ identities when speaking with young children as this can limit their understanding of gender into binaries and can exclude children who may not identify within these identities. For example, when discussing family members or adults they may have in their life, try not to only use terms like ‘mom’ or ‘dad’. Try integrating words like, ‘parents’ or, ‘guardians’ to include children whose parents might not fit into ‘traditional’ concepts of family structures.”

Screenshot of Austin curriculum shared by Texas Values

While the curriculum gives this advice to teachers, it would likely have the effect of teachers telling kids to stop using words like “mom” and “dad” but instead to employ gender-neutral language.

Another exercise encourages teachers to avoid the phrase “your mother gave birth to you,” and instead to ask, “Are you close with your birth parents?”

This erasure of biological sex runs throughout the curriculum. In the draft document for Grade 6, the curriculum defines “biological sex” as something arbitrary — assigned and “decided” by the doctor, rather than rooted in DNA and merely recognized at birth.

The Grade 6 materials define “biological sex” as “sex assigned at birth according to genitalia,” and encourage teachers to “explain that when someone is born, a doctor looks at them and decides what sex they are. Usually if a doctor sees a pen*s they will say the baby is male, if they see a vag*na they will say the baby is female, and if they see that the baby’s genitalia don’t quite look like either, they’ll say the baby is intersex. Explain that although people usually assume that people with a pen*s are boys and people with a vag*na are girls, sex does NOT always match with gender identity (i.e. someone with a penis might identify as a girl).”

Contrary to this pro-transgender definition, biological sex is not “assigned” and it is not “decided” at the whim of a doctor. People with two X chromosomes are female, and people with one X and one Y are male, from the moment of conception. Even before birth, males and females develop differently. Biological sex is not arbitrary, but this propagandistic lie is politically convenient for transgender activists who wish to emphasize gender identity over biological reality.

The curriculum does not just use political propaganda to turn kids into LGBT activists, however. The Grade 6 materials also encourage students to attend a “pride rally” or to become “an ally to someone who identifies as LGBT by showing support and acceptance.” The curriculum suggests these activities as tools to teach students to “challenge homophobia.”

Across the grade levels, teachers are encouraged to normalize LGBT identities and relationships. Materials include a “sexuality match game” and videos promoting homosexuality. One story attempts to normalize homosexual activity by narrating the relationship between 14-year-old Peyton and 17-year-old Jordan — a relationship in which Jordan pressures Peyton to have sex. Peyton hides his relationship with Jordan from his “parent.”

More than 7,000 people have signed Texas Values’ petition against the sex-ed curriculum.

Human beings are male and female, and the natural way of reproduction involves one male and one female, also known as a father and a mother. It is truly Orwellian to push teachers to reject these terms and the more affectionate “Mom” and “Dad.” These activists would undermine reality — inserting their ideology into the sacred bond between parent and child.

Americans need to speak out against the transgender revolution and the sexualization of children.

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